Brave New World

Photo workshop Krk’s Dystopia 10.2.2018.

The first workshop which is not dependent on weather reports.

After our idyllic staying in Ogulin, 2018 is here. Future happened to us. Not the one we were deliberating. No one believed in novels and science fiction movies. They were merely leisure and now we live them.

The atmosphere is dark, depressing, everything is upside down, dysfunctional, and primary urges are being satisfied with violence. From the remains of our clothes our Ines got out the maximum.

This time two actions, two scenarios, and both without  happy end. Both are somehow realistic, Croatian…

We are searching for water, oil… Those who survive, go on.  They become participants of the second story. A bit „tamer“ than morning desolate country.  Post-apocalyptic ruins of once magnificent structure will give us some kind of protection.

Do you have the courage?

*FotoOkvir thanks to colleague Ivan for ceded photo


– Arrival to the location of photographing by 9 o’clock, division in groups and scenes
– From 9.00 to 12.00 o’clock photographing at the first location
– From 12.00 to 13.30 o’clock crossing to the second location
– From 13.30 to 16.30 o’clock photographing at the second location
– 17.00 the end of the workshop

The price of the workshop: 740kn per person

The price includes:
– Photographing female models at locations and by scenes

The price doesn’t include:
– Your own transport to the location of the workshop at the island of Krk and the return.


Considering that the workshop is taking place in a post apocalyptic era, we advise you to bring a sandwich, H2O (we hope to bite our tongues) or some kind of a normal drink.If there’s by any chance a radioactive rain, it won’t be bad to have something to put on your head…