The wind has shown its strenght

The weather didn’t cuddle us

Whatever side you turn, there’s just wasteland, stone and soil. The wind is swishing and striking  unmercifully. Only four of them have survived, kept their raw beauty and showed us how the world „The Day after“ looks like. In exchange for a sip of drink which they lack, they accepted to share some experiences, guided us through the rising dust which was filling our eyes and lungs.

They took us to their shelter which, in their words, was once magnificent building full of people. Those people who have made this Earth the way it is today. There was a pool, and the water once in it is now just a sad dream.  Sad traces of life which was once here, are now ruins. Concrete is now covered with bushes and weeds and the place has become hidden.

They hope to restart everything,  hope to be numerous again. Women will make this place the oasis where you come and never want to leave!

They took us to the remainings of the road and disappeared like they have never been there. We were left alone thinking if we have even seen them. In complete silence we were looking at the photos to make sure that Anamarija, Dora, Ines and Irena really exist.


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