...There are lots of cooks, amateurs and professionals. Good, better and the best. There are those who cook by the well known recepies, those who write those recepies but also those who dare to add something of their own. And then there are Chefs. Visionaries of food, prophets of taste, people who add spices on the painting palette.

...There are lots of photographers,  amateurs and professionals...

Story is similar, oh well, story is the same. No matter if you do it „by the cook book“ or you write it yourself, come to see how other „brothers and sisters by arms“ do it, exchane your experiences and listen to some advice.

We organize photo workshops. We write scripts. Models, make up artists and „chefs“ are just one part of our „photo kitchen“. We choose our spices very carefully and serve „a dish of divine taste“.

Join us and try it!



  • It has all started one summer of previous century, in June 1967 and it's still going on. Going on for almost fifty years.
  • Smena 8, Efke KB21, Zenith UPA-5...
  • "Sweet memories".
  • Selfies even before they were invented
  • Hobby.
  • Today it is a profession. Mišo is a master of photography. A woman, through portrait, nude or budoir is the main theme of his work. Those domains give inexhaustible possibilities of exploration and expression. Face and emotions, polyvalence of shape and tones, beauty and self-consciousness.
  • Two independent and numerous collective exhibitions in Croatia, throughout Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Budoir photographer.
  • The director of a project FotoOkvir.


  • You choose a profession, find a hobby, meld the cards and throw a hand. Just the thing that happened to her.
  • FotoOkvir has recognized the story of a photo swan and cought hold of it.
  • A photographer of landscapes, abstractions and concepts. Everything that was missing in our story, she brought with her.
  • Sou Chef of the project FotoOkvir.


  • Croatian fashion designer. Passion for fashion and costimography are her motto.
  • Photographer
  • Model
  • Martina is the new color on our canvas.


  • New in the first team of FotoOkvir. An assistant, a model, our personal trainer. She says she's far from perfection, but we believe in her. We like her smile and the thing that she is simple. Maya is everything but the ordinary girl.


  • Graphic designer and an editor. Participant of international competitions and an associate on multiple projects. Her unique approach to every single task makes her a framework of a final product.


Ines Zrnc Gregorina with associates, alias Life's is a Picnic

  • Our best and most faithful associates
  • MUA, Styling, Scena, Making of Photo, and many more
  • Everything that is needed and that we „invent“