MONSUN / September 7th-8th 2019

Photography workshop Monsun / September 7th-8th 2019

“There are three sorts of people: those who are alive, those who are dead, and those who are at sea.” – Plato

FotoOkvir has been sailing “the seas” for three full years. We visited numerous marines, went to the lodges of questionable morals, gathered experiences and carefully wrote everything down into our ship’s log. It is time to show you what it really looks like. Our sailors are the most beautiful in the world and they do not bring misfortune while aboard. Monsun will give you an opportunity to feel the grain of salt between your fingers and to become the third sort, those who are at sea, at least for a moment. Cameras will become ship logs and we invite you to make your mark in them.


See you!

45º 04′ 41” N 14º 09′ 04” E



Day 1, Saturday

– 9:30-10 AM, gathering at Villa Una Labin

– 10 AM, the first location – the beach or Skitača village (depending on the weather)

– 3 PM, break and preparing for shooting on board

– 5:30-8:30 PM, shooting on board Monsun in the Rabac marine

– 9 PM, social activities and dinner


Day 2, Sunday

– 10 AM- 1 PM, shooting in Old town Labin


Price: 1,290.00 HRK per person

The price includes:

– introductory lecture, shooting with five female models at the locations, including assistance and advice

The price doesn’t include:

– travel expenses from and to the locations of shooting

– night stays

– meals


Locations and descriptions of shooting at the workshop:

The plan is to shoot on an isolated beach. We suggest you wear sneakers in order to make it easier to reach the location, and also, we recommend you do not bring “too much” equipment. Models will be dressed in swimwear and dresses. If the weather does not accommodate the visit to the beach, the shooting will be organized in the Skitača village (today, there is only one resident in the village). In that case, the models will be wearing pirate clothing.

On board the Monsun, the girls will be wearing FotoOkvir’s sailor uniforms. The shootings will take place across the entire ship. Depending on the time, we will put up additional lighting.

Old town Labin offers various opportunities so on Sunday, we will use the day to do fashion and portrait photography.



FotoOkvir crew will stay at Villa Una Labin. We recommend you join us so we ask that you let us know as soon as possible given the limited number of beds.


Photo by Maximilian Weisbecker on Unsplash

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